Why choose xBrain ?

Take advantage of xBrain technology and get three tangible results:

End waiting times

Respond to 100% of requests

Increase employee satisfaction

Thanks to oursatisfaction.AIsolution, xBrain‘s conversational agents can augment customer service teams in a variety of ways and dimensions:

People first

We believe that AI should augment human intelligence and help individuals reach their full potential. Our products enable businesses to transform their customer service experience and simultaneously empower employees. Customers access a broader range of services and receive instant answers to their most critical inquiries. There are fewer repetitive questions for employees, which enables them to focus on complex tasks that require human ingenuity and creativity. Employees are also supported with up-to-date conversation histories, which allow them to do their best work.

Your Security is Our Priority

We keep your data secure with encryption throughout transmission and processing, and we store all information in multi-redundant, encrypted data storage. Our dedicated security operations team uses industry-leading tools to perform daily scans for vulnerabilities and threat vectors. If you prefer to host your data on-site, we have you covered with dedicated or hybrid deployment strategies and also offer data anonymization services.

Constant Innovation

We keep abreast of the latest AI research and apply our learnings to solve our customers’ toughest challenges and make our products more intelligent, flexible, and robust. Our platform comes with a powerful plug-in layer, allowing it to easily connect with the global ecosystem of communication channels and information systems, and we are continuously updating and improving it.

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