Our plateform satisfaction.AI allows us to create conversational AI that we callxBots


AnxBotis a program with artificial intelligence that can emulate a natural conversation with a human in any communication channel.

The process of building anxBotis “channel agnostic“, meaning it can be deployed on the communication channels of your choice, such as your website, traditional chat solutions, instant messaging platforms, SMS/Text messaging and VoIP systems.
AnxBotcan be accessed from multiple locations, and can transmit the conversation context across the different communication channels your customers are in. Conversations can start on one channel and continue on another.


A chatBot uses artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) to interact in natural language and in real time, answering questions and proposing solutions and services adapted to the requests written by users. ChatBots improve customer relations by offering a personalized experience available 24/7. It can automate repetitive tasks and provide a rapid response to frequent customer requests.


A voiceBot is a virtual agent capable of communicating with a user by voice. The voiceBot is able to understand requests expressed aloud in natural language. The spoken message is transcribed into written form, and thanks to the artificial intelligence engine, the text is then analyzed to understand the purpose and intent of the user’s request. Based on this, the voiceBot provides an answer by synthesizing it orally in a voice close to that of a human.

Our solution is

Quick & Easy

Our plug-and-play solutions seamlessly integrate with your existing communication channels and computer systems, allowing you to create complex scenarios for your conversational AI xBot and deploy services in a matter of hours.

Fully Customizable

You can customize your conversational AI (visually, vocally, etc.) using your archival data or our industry-specific templates, which are pre-configured to resolve common customer requests in a variety of industries (retail, banking, healthcare, insurance, and more). Thanks to our data anonymization services, we can also work with data governed by stringent privacy regulations.

Cross-channel Communications

Let your customers converse using their favorite apps and devices. Our bots can automatically switch between text, voice, email, and more to communicate on the channel that best serves your customers. These options provide you with a customer service solution that’s proactive and versatile, enabling representatives to respond from a single, unified interface.

Powerful Analytics

Measure your bot’s performance and drive its learning 24/7 using our intuitive tools and interface. Insights are shown on dashboards in real time, presenting agents with usage levels, popular and trending topics, customer satisfaction ratings, and other key performance metrics. With our easy-to-use system, your agents can monitor the effectiveness of dozens or hundreds of communications simultaneously.


We currently offer a multilingual platform (European, North American, and Russian languages) and have developed a way to industrialize language model creation, allowing us to deploy new languages on demand in record time With our multilingual chatBots and voiceBots, you can engage your customers in their native language.

Session Handler™

Our Dialog Atmosphere™ instantly classifies intent and emotion to escalate key customer requests to human agents. Our xBots handle most inquiries, but they pass customers — and all relevant information — to live agents when human intervention is needed. This allows your agents to focus on complex problems and the things that really matter: customers.

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