AI as a Service

Build conversational AI agents for your customer service team

Create AI agents to answer your customers inquiries, help manage inbound contacts or develop sales opportunities pipeline. Let your employees and customers interact with AI agents in a smooth and natural conversations over any communication channels: Chat, Text (SMS and Social Media), Voice (Phone) and Email.

satisfaction.AI gives you access to an enterprise-class AI as a Service (AIaaS) platform with contextual natural language processing and understanding, sentiment analysis, deep learning, and extensive analytics in a single unified environment. Put your customers, visitors and employees at the center of your business to better understand them, collaborate with them and solve their issues like never before.


Augment your People

Augmented Customers
  • On-Demand Self-Service: User can directly reach out to the chatbot to ask any questions
  • 24/7: Available at anytime, any day, 365
  • Multi-languages: Not a fluent English speaker? No problem! Also available in French & Spanish
  • Proactivity: Alert your clients of potential financial transactions, saving opportunities, etc
  • Appointments: A bot can schedule appointments between your customers and bankers
Augmented Agent
  • High Value Contacts: Limit the low value interactions between your agents and your customers
  • In Context: Offer relevant answers to your customers with highly customized services
  • Conversational: Fluidity and continuity in all conversations (NLP & NLU)
  • Appointments: A bot can schedule appointments between your customers and bankers
  • Full Control: Bankers fully manage the bot scenarios, its learning process and can even take-over live sessions through voice and text (phone, chat, sms, etc)

Get Ahead of your Users Requests

Make the best out of your customers profiles and habits.
Being proactive has never been easier.

Get Instant and Smart Answers 24/7

No matter what your users are looking for, your chatbot can guide them. Just nurture it with words and content.


Create Tremendous User Experiences

Because not everything can be solved right away show your customers how you value them with a follow up chat or call at their convenience.

Use Natural Voice Language in your Conversations

Get complex, contextualized conversations between humans and AI bots.


Convert your visitors into leads while you sleep

Because your users need help 24/7
make sure you still capture their info while your business is closed.

Communicate through Multi-Channels

Build and own your brand communications over multi-communication channels 24/7. Stay tuned with your customers favorite way to communicate.


Use Multi-Language for your AI Agents

Communicate with your visitors and customers in different languages.


Get real-time analytics

Measure your AI progress and improvement. We’ve built an interface to give you immediate insights. Create usage and performance reporting in a few clicks.

Train & supervise your AI

Make it smarter about your company and products. With or without data.


Ready to start

delivering an awesome AI experience to your users?
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